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What are the dimensions for your clamp-on hand pulls?

Please refer to the images below:

What are the differences between the Aston, the Pint365 & the Shakespeare?

The Aston & the Pint365 are very similar in the way that they function, through the use of a cylinder. The cylinder works through the use of a bucket & washer assembly that moves inside when the pump is in use, resulting in suction. One of the key differences between the Aston and the Pint365 is that the Pint365 has a built-in check valve. The Shakespeare hand pull is our cylinder-less unit. It replicates the traditional hand pull through the use of a damper and a special on/off valve. The Shakespeare needs to be gas pump assisted and no check valve is required.  

How do I install the Shakespeare hand pull?

You can download the Shakespeare fitting instructions here, as well as reference the video below:

How do I install the Aston hand pull? You can download the Aston fitting instructions here.
How do I fit a through the bar unit? Please refer to this drawing for the fitting of a TTB unit.
How do I install the Rigid Ale Extractor?

Please refer to the video below, this demonstration is showing the setup after you have tapped your cask using the ale extractor body.

Rigid Ale Extractor

How do I install the Flexible Ale Extractor? You can download the flexbile ale extractor installation guide here.
My Shakespeare is hard to pull, why?

The shakespeare uses a damper to open and close the on/off valve, the reason that the tension is set at this level is because of the gas pressure would force it open otherwise. Try pulling the very top of the top knob with your little finger. The slower you pull the handle the more beer you serve.

My hand pull is not working as it should

If your beer is not pouring correctly/you are seeing large air bubbles then make sure you have a hop filter or nitrile washer in place with all connections. 

Please refer to the following video to check that your cylinder is working as it should, if it is, then the issue may lie with your cellar setup. If you are still experiencing issues with your hand pull, then please get in touch and explain the problems you are experiencing, include any images/videos that may help our technical team assist you.

Do you have any more helpful videos I can watch?

You can see more videos of our products on our YouTube channel here:

Harry Mason Ltd YouTube Channel 

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