Single Rigid Ale Extractor
The Rigid Ale Extractor is suitable for upright extraction and the stainless steel tube length is 28’’ long.  The outlet is made from FDA Food Grade Material. The inlet or bottom filter has a 24 hole formation with each hole...
from £25.00
Double Rigid Ale Extractor
The Double Ale Extractor allows you to dispense from the same cask to multiple beer pumps vertically.  This consequently this helps you to maximise your cellar space. This is suitable for upright extraction.  The stainless steel tube length is 28’’ and...
from £35.00
Body for Rigid Ale Extractor
The Ale Extractor body has numerous different names such as a Broach and a Shank. When buying a Rigid or Flexible Ale extractor, we recommend that you purchase at least one extra extractor body. This will give you the flexibility...
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