Body for Rigid Ale Extractor
The Ale Extractor body has numerous different names such as a Broach and a Shank.Harry Mason Ltd recommend when buying a Rigid or Flexible Ale extractor that you purchase at least one extra extractor body. This will give you the...
Blanking Nut for Ale Extractor Body
This Blanking Nut is used with our Plastic Ale Extractor Body and comes complete with a washer.  It is suitable for both flexible and rigid extractor.
Ale Extractor Cleaning Bath
ALE EXTRACTOR CLEANING BATH The Ale Extractor Cleaning bath is suitable for cleaning your ale extractor after use. It will help you to keep your Ale Extractor clean and hygienic. CHECK OUT OUR RANGE OF CELLAR EQUIPMENT: We are continually improving...
Ale Extractor Cleaning Brush
Ale Extractor Cleaning Brush is designed for rigid extractors. 42" Long 
Yellow Vent Nut for Ale Extractor Body
Yellow Vent Nut for Ale Extractor Body
Rubber Mallet
Rubber Mallet
Cask Breather (Autovent)
CASK BREATHER (AUTO VENT) This is a Harry Mason Cask Breather. Sometimes known as a Race Ventilator or Auto vent. This is an automated version of the hard and soft peg or spile. When installed correctly this can add days...
from £6.18
White Rubber Pressure Ring
White Rubber Pressure Ring, the ring Gets squeezed by the pressure sleeve against the inside of the ale extractor body, this causes the pressure ring to grip and prevent the ale extractor rod from being able to move.
Locking Cap for Stainless Steel Body
This Locking Cap is an important part to the stainless steel ale extractor body. It stops the ale extractor rod from moving when the nut is screwed right down on the body.
Blanking Off Plug for Stainless Steel Ale Extractor
Blanking Off Plug for Stainless Steel Ale Extractor
Pressure Sleeve for Stainless Steel Body
This pressure sleeve is to be used with a Stainless Steel Body.  When fitted it squeezes the white pressure ring which grips the ale extractor rod preventing it from moving.
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