6'' x 6'' Plastic Drip Tray
Our black plastic 6" x 6" drip dray is made from food-grade plastic and constructed with a detachable grill for easy cleaning.
Top Knob
Top Knob
The Harry Mason Brass Shaped Top Knob is stamped from solid brass bar and has a highly polished finish. It is compatible with all Harry Mason Hand Pulls. FITTING It is threaded to suit the complete range of all Harry...
Clevis Pin with E Circle
This Harry Mason Clevis Pin with E Circlip which is used to hold the cylinder clevis to the quadrant hinge.
Front Cover with Trough Arms
FRONT COVER WITH TROUGH ARMS This black front cover with trough arms suits all our handpulls or Beer Engines.  It is easy to fit and the trough arms accommodate a 6'' x 6'' drip tray
This is the stud which when tightened clamps down on the bar to hold your beer pump securely in position.
Inline Non Return Valve
Inline Non Return Valve
from £24.50
The Harry Mason Ferrule comes with traditional styling, is easy to fit and is compatible with all Harry Mason hand pulls. The Harry Mason Ferrule is available in Brass, Chrome and Copper.
from £24.50
Swan Neck Tap for a Beer Engine Cabinet
Swan Neck Tap for a Beer Engine Cabinet
Silencer Washer
This Harry Mason rubber silencer washer sits between the counter plate and the ferrule  eliminating any handle noise.
Counter Plate with Studs
The Harry Mason counter plate fits all our hand Pulls and is available in Brass/chrome or Copper finish.  Nuts and bolts are included.
from £19.20
Duckbill for Inline Non Return Valve
To be used with the Inline Non Return Valve
Swan Neck Tap for Clamp On
SWAN NECK TAP FOR CLAMP ON HAND PULLS This Swan Neck Tap from Harry Mason Limited is suitable for all 'Clamp On' Mason Beer Engines. It is made from Food Grade 316 Stainless Steel. The size option is the bore...
Pivot Dog Point with Nut
This is where the cylinder mounts and pivots on the clamp on and through the bar frames Pack of 2
Deluxe Plinth
Made as a spare for our hand pulls.
Sold Out
Cabinet Cylinder Sling
The Cabinet Cylinder Sling links the quadrant hinge to the cylinder with the cabinet.
Front Cover Screws
These bolts are used to secure the beer engine front cover to the frame. Please note that this part is sold individually and you would need to purchase 4 of these for 1 beer engine.
Dummy Pull
from £75.00
Dummy Pull
Dummy Pull The Harry Mason Dummy Pull is perfect for bar decoration. It is a full-size traditional style hand pull and is available in various finishes including brass and chrome.  Fitting The Harry Mason Dummy Pull is available in the following...
from £75.00
Pivot Pins Complete with Nuts (Pair)
Replacement pins for Cabinet and Through the Bar Quadrants  Quantity 1 is enough for one unit
R Shaped Clips Pk 2
These R shaped Pins are used for the connecting pin between the cabinet sling and the cylinder crosshead
Cabinet Quadrant
The Cabinet Quadrant is also used for the Through the Bar Unit 
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