Cask Breather (Autovent)
CASK BREATHER (AUTO VENT) This is a Harry Mason Cask Breather. Sometimes known as a Race Ventilator or Auto vent. This is an automated version of the hard and soft peg or spile. When installed correctly this can add days...
from £6.18
Shive Extractor
The easy way to remove shives.
Plastic Keystone
Plastic Keystone
Plastic Shive
These plastic shives are hard wearing and food safe.  They are used for sealing real ale casks.  Sold individually.
Rubber Mallet
Rubber Mallet
Co2 Spanner
Co2 Spanner with 3/4BSP or Standard Thread
Wooden Keystone
Part of the tapping process the wooden keystone is a small round bung that is inserted into the top of your cask. Sold in singles.  
Shive Extractor Tip
The are spare tips for your shive hammer and shive tools to remove the shives from the barrels
Wooden Shive
Sold individually.
Drip Tray for Racking Cask Tap
This racking tap sits ideally located underneath the tap. It hangs from the Cask Tap and hangs about 1 foot below.
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