Hop Filters - 10 pack
Our Hop Filters are sold in bags of 10 and available in L/Y Thread (Standard) and 3/4BSP Hop Filters have a few different names. They are sometimes known as Top Hat filters due to its shape and Fly Eye filters...
Union Nitrile Washer (pack of 10)
Pack of 10 Union Nitrile Washers The L/Y Thread washer is the washer between the outlet head and Extractor Body on the Flexible Ale Extractor
Wing Burrs/Nuts - Open & Closed
We are a leading UK manufacturer of drink dispensers for real ale and craft beer. We supply everything you need from your cellar to your bar. We stock a large range of cask nuts (Burrs). They are moulded out of...
Cask Tails - Plastic
Acetal plastic tail available in the following threads and sizes: 3/4BSP - 3/8'', 1/2'' & 5/8'' STD (L & Y) Thread - 3/8'', 1/2'' & 5/8''
Pint365 Cylinder Inlet and O Ring
This is a replacement inlet tail for the Pint365 cylinder, this comes complete with a O Ring connector
3/8 - 3/8 Tail
Male to Male Tail
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