Adjustable Flexible Cooling Probe
The Flexible Cooling Probe can be used on either the Kilderkin or Firkin Barrel sizes. This Cooling Probe has a plastic tube and body, on the body there is a seal that creates an air tight seal so the soft...
Adjustable Sparkler
Harry Mason Adjustable Sparkler
Ale Extractor Cleaning Bath
ALE EXTRACTOR CLEANING BATH The Ale Extractor Cleaning bath is suitable for cleaning your ale extractor after use. It will help you to keep your Ale Extractor clean and hygienic. CHECK OUT OUR RANGE OF CELLAR EQUIPMENT: We are continually improving...
Ale Extractor Cleaning Brush
Ale Extractor Cleaning Brush is designed for rigid extractors. 42" Long 
Ash Collector
Mayfair style ash collector
Aspirating Valve BD-AV1
Aspirating Valve BD-AV1
Aston Cylinder
from £69.95
Aston Cylinder
The Aston Cylinder is available in 1/4pt and 1/2pt and with or without a self-contained water jacket (eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination). The cylinder comes with an Energised Non-Return Valve which prevents the beer from flowing back down the line....
from £69.95
Aston Cylinder Cabinet (pre 2017)
ASTON HAND PULL CABINET CYLINDER (pre 2017) The Aston Hand Pull Cabinet Cylinder is available as both 1/4pt and 1/2pt and with or without a self contained water jacket. The cylinder  comes with an energised non return valve. This prevents...
from £69.00
Aston Hand Pull
from £150.00
Aston Hand Pull
Harry Mason Ltd has been producing high-quality Hand Pulls since 1803.  In 2016 we developed  'The Aston'. This pump combines all of our expert knowledge with the use of modern materials.  Priced competitively and built with Masons’ top quality manufacture...
from £150.00
Autotilt Damper
Autotilt Damper NB please ring 0121 328 5900 to check compatibility before ordering.  
Bar Top Drip Tray Plastic - Assorted colours available
This plastic drip tray for your bar top measures 43cm x 24cm x 4cm and comes complete with grill. Stock item in assorted colours and available for immediate dispatch.
Barrel Rope - 10 metres
Barrel Rope 24mm - 24mm x 10m3 Strand Polypropylene Rope. Relatively inexpensive and the lightest synthetic rope available. It floats and absorbs very little water. It is flexible when wet and does not shrink. Polypropylene is highly resistant to acids, alkalis...
Barrel Vent Peg with Tubing
The Barrel Vent Peg with Tubing is hand machined out of FDA approved Food Grade, high impact material and fitted with a 12" tube.  It is used to vent the condition of your barrel whilst it is stored in the...
Barrel Venting Punch (Hand Held)
Make venting easy by using our handheld venting punch.
Beer Pump Door Handle
This is a one of a kind door handle, in the style of a traditional beer pump handle that has been modified for a bar or pub entrance.  The Black Acetal pump handle can mounted onto either Brass or Chrome....
from £89.00
Beer Pump Sparkler Set
The Harry Mason Sparkler & Multibore Creamer set is the perfect set for anybody who is dispensing a wide variety of ales. Each sparkler agitates the beer differently. This is done by restricting the flow of beer through the sparkler....
Black Shaped Handle
This black shaped handle is made from high-grade acetal plastic. It is durable and hardwearing and won't crack, chip or flake.
Blanking Nut for Ale Extractor Body
This Blanking Nut is used with our Plastic Ale Extractor Body and comes complete with a washer.  It is suitable for both flexible and rigid extractor.
Blanking Off Plug for Stainless Steel Ale Extractor
Blanking Off Plug for Stainless Steel Ale Extractor
Body for Rigid Ale Extractor
The Ale Extractor body has numerous different names such as a Broach and a Shank.Harry Mason Ltd recommend when buying a Rigid or Flexible Ale extractor that you purchase at least one extra extractor body. This will give you the...
Braided Tube 3/4" x 1/2" (Per Metre)
This high-grade braided tube (beer line) is available in 1-metre lengths and measures  3/4'' x 1/2''
Braided Tube 5/8" x 3/8" (Per Metre)
This braided tube (beer line) is available in 1 metre lengths and measures 5/8" x 3/8".
Cabinet Trough - Stainless Steel
Our Cabinet troughs are made from Stainless Steel. They are designed to fit the Harry Mason range of cabinets and are available from 1 to 7 pull.
from £25.70
Cask Breather (Autovent)
CASK BREATHER (AUTO VENT) This is a Harry Mason Cask Breather. Sometimes known as a Race Ventilator or Auto vent. This is an automated version of the hard and soft peg or spile. When installed correctly this can add days...
from £6.18
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