Standard (70cl/1 litre) Wall Bracket
Suitable for 70cl/1 litre bottles
Solo Classical Spirit Measure
Solo Classical Spirit Measure Government stamped for use in the UK with the prescribed spirits – whisky, gin, vodka and rum Over 6 million units sold in the UK Proven reliability Cost-effective solution Reliable non-drip mechanism Smooth dispense action
from £4.00
Quick Shot Measured Pourer Clear - NGS*
Standard measured pourer – dispenses like a freeflow but gives a controlled measure Also available in CL sizes Must be used in conjunction with an approved Thimble Measure for the prescribed spirits – Whisky, Gin, Vodka and Rum Not Government Stamped
from £2.60
Standard (70cl/1 litre) Shelf Bracket
Suitable for 70cl/1 litre bottles
Rotary 4 Bottle Stand 70cl/1 litre
Suitable for 70cl/1 litre bottles
Professional Home Bar Dispenser
Kit contains 1 x 25ml Solo Measure and 1 x Standard Shelf Bracket As used in 1000s of commercial bars Easy to attached and use Trouble-free smooth action Adjustable to fit different size bottles (70cl to 1 litre standard bottles) Perfect gift idea...
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